ARRIVAL:  Please arrive to class 15 minutes early.

WEAR:  Wear comfortable clothing.

BRING:  Yoga mat, towel & water bottle (if you don’t have a mat, we have one you can borrow)

EAT:  Piece of fruit, natural yogurt, etc. are good snacks to have an hour before class.

QUESTIONS:  We are here for you so please ask us questions or let us know about any injuries you may have.

PATIENCE:  We like to think of this practice like riding a bike or learning to drive a car. The more you get behind the wheel, the more comfortable you get with the mechanics.

BREATHE:  At the end of the day, it’s just yoga… settle in, breathe, do what you can and enjoy the ride!

NEW & FULL MOON DAYS:  New moon and full moon days are rest days, therefore classes will not be given. It has always been a tradition to rest on moon days in the Ashtanga lineage. Both the sun and moon exert a gravitational pull on the earth, all of its parts that are made up of water, and the water that makes up 50%-65% of the human body.

During these times, the effect of the gravitational pull has a greater effect on us. Therefore, it’s better to relax and allow your body to heal on these days. Enjoy your day off.


See Moon Days Calendar here.

Whether you’re a beginner yogi or one that’s had more time to season on the mat, we’ve got a yoga class for you.