Our Philosophy

At Shakti Shala, we take the traditional yoga philosophy and apply them to our classes in a way that’s approachable, modern and makes sense to our students. We believe that everybody can do yoga and we honor you exactly as you are.

Not everyone’s body are alike and therefore your practice and movement are going to be unique to you. Our role in your journey is to help you discover what this practice can do for you and how you can learn to tap into your strength, ability, courage, fleixibility, uniqueness and all of those beautiful things that make you human. Our space is your space.

Our home is your home. Our practice is your practice. Come be a part of a movement. Come be a part of a community that strives to find a dose of ‘pure Shakti. in every day.

Whether you’re a beginner yogi or one that’s had more time to season on the mat, we’ve got a yoga class for you.